Best Reference Books for Class12 CBSE

With a new batch of students being promoted to Class 12, there is a demand among them to know which the best reference books for CBSE are. For cracking CBSE Board Exams, the NCERT textbooks for the respective subjects are more than sufficient. These books help in building concepts starting from the scratch in such a manner that the students can pass the Board Exams with flying colors. The NCERT books also help the students in preparing for competitive entrance exams like AIIMS, NEET, JEE (Main and Advanced), and BITSAT.

However, in these times of increased competition, it is always good to have some extra knowledge. So, here we are providing a list of best reference books for Class 12 CBSE. These books are recommended by scholars and academicians with years of experience and expertise. These books will help not only in your Board Exams but also in the entrance examinations you will be appearing next year.

Reference Books for Physics:

Concepts of Physics by HC Verma and Fundamentals of Physics by Halliday, Resnick & Walker are really good books if you have already solved all the problems from your NCERT textbook and want to appear for engineering and medical entrance examinations. Pradeep’s, SL Arora, and Arihant’s CBSE Question Paper are other great alternatives for better preparation of Board Exams.

Reference Books for Chemistry:

For Chemistry, the NCERT books are the best not only for Board Exams but also for various entrance examinations. However, once you have completed the textbooks, you can go for Pradeep’s Chemistry, OP Tandon, Dinesh’ Self Master in Chemistry and Arihant’s Chapterwise Solved Questions.

Reference Books for Mathematics:

After you are done with your NCERT textbook for Class 12, you can try RD Sharma and SL Loney.

Reference Books for Biology:

Complete the NCERT textbook first. Understand and memorize all the topics, concepts, processes, and terms in that book. After completing it, you can go for Pradeep’s A Textbook for Biology. If you are a medical aspirant, Trumen’s, as well as ABC‘s biology books, are highly recommended, as they provide deeper explanation and understanding of various topics and concepts.

All the above-mentioned books will help the students not only in their Board Exams but also in the competitive exams. However, to crack competitive exams, one needs to have a deeper and in-depth understanding of all the topics and concepts in the syllabus. He should be able to manage time efficiently and effectively and know his key weaknesses. Practicing the lessons regularly and getting Jee Advanced Answer Key help a lot. Taking mock tests too helps in preparing the students to tackle the tension and stress at exams.