Entrepreneurship Career

Modern world dictates its rules, at that, new every day. In that regard, the actions plan of every entrepreneur has to be flexible enough to survive.

The Face of Entrepreneurship Career in the Modern Society

Venture start-ups have witnessed a tremendous rise in most of the world’s economies in the recent past. The situation is linked to rising unemployment rates in many countries across the world. The problem of unemployment, for instance, has changed the dynamics of doing business. It is giving rise to a new class of young and energetic entrepreneurs across the globe. Do you want to become one of them? Then, order your university homework only on Who will write your paper for you!

For instance, the modern world’s survey indicated that approximately 50% of the world’s entrepreneurs are between the age of 25 and 40, with youths between the age 25 and 34 being associated with most of the discussed activities across the world.

However, the primary concern for most people has been on how to create a conducive environment and how organizations can contribute to shaping the career paths of young people across the globe to become self-employed. The supportive environment is becoming key for ideal development in any nation.

The ideal or conducive environment entails five fundamental pillars: an entrepreneurial culture, easy access to funding, coordinated link between private and public sectors, supportive tax system, as well as education systems that promote the mentioned culture. These aspects are what makes developed economies to be much far ahead of the developing markets.

However, some of the emerging economies are as well striving to invest a lot into the mentioned pillars to enhance growth and the emergence of small business.

Nonetheless, entrepreneurship is not all about starting and operating a business. It also involves aspects such as effective management to meet both the company’s missions and vision as well the customers’ expectations. To achieve this, the satisfaction of the internal customers is becoming a fundamental aspect for the success today. This brings us to the aspect of career development and job satisfaction.

How Can a Startup Capture the Concept of Employee Satisfaction and Career Development to Grow Business?

The increasingly intense competition and rapid development in the business arena have led to organizations shifting from overreliance only on the concept of employee satisfaction for the sake of profit.

It is no doubt that job satisfaction ultimately contributes to motivation that is a fundamental aspect in enhancing performance in any company irrespective of the size or nature. According to the research done concerning job satisfaction and career development, it has been deduced that career development only contributes to a small percentage of employee satisfaction in their professional line, about 28%.

However, there are several other facets of job satisfaction that companies should incorporate alongside training and development of their workforce. Job satisfaction is defined as the experience that workers have regarding their employment and career paths. It is hence, a function of supposed relationship between what employees anticipate about their job and what they ultimately gain from the job as well as the value they attribute to such a particular line of duty.

It is also a factor of motivation. According to Maslow, Motivation is all about playing with one’s desires and making several efforts with the primary aim of achieving a particular goal. Just like career development, motivation also contributes to change in human behavior hence, guiding one towards attaining individual goals. Motivation is believed to contribute to employee’s self-realization and regulates their social needs.

Similarly, enables the management to make plans that are aimed at enhancing skills of the workers and increase their efficiency hence, creates a competition towards working in the better environment. Fully motivated employees feel more proud of their careers as compared to those operating in a competitive environment.

It also enables the workers to display their creativity and leadership skills as they feel more satisfied with their work. Motivation and job satisfaction go hand in hand and ultimately contribute to improved productivity. This hence, means that with proper employee motivation structures put in place, workers will feel more satisfied and motivated to work hence, the organizational effort in career development will not be wasted. The workers gain skills that can be useful in starting and managing their own ventures.

However, to be a successful owner of a firm one should get rid of the notion that the primary goal of starting a venture is to make a profit and to get rich quickly. Let the idea of starting a venture be driven by passion and the desire satisfy a need in the market.

The satisfaction of the customer should reflect the proprietors’ goals. The customer in this dimension is not only your buyers but also the internal customers-employees. Their contribution is essential to the success of any venture whether small or big.