Compare the best SIPs Available in the Market with this Calculator

SIP investments are like planting a seed and watching it grow as a fruit-bearing tree in just a few years. Before doing a Systematic Investment Calculator (SIP) investment getting ready for is a major step in the game itself. Have a Clear set of the financial goal, make it specific and attainable. It should be practical for you. Have a proper plan of the timeline that you would like to reach. Decide when you will need the money, means choose your tenure. All you need is an investment; ensure how much amount you need to invest regularly in obtaining better returns. All these can be a difficult task it. However, it can be quickly and easily completed with SIP calculator.

You can start investing in smaller amounts, and slowly you can increase your investment, if you didn’t like the investment returns, then you can exit without penalty at any time and take back everything without a single loss of the penny.

Compare the best SIPs available in the market with this calculator will let you prevent the pitfall of equity investment and still generate high returns even without a perfect plan, and well-ordered execution of investment in MF. To accomplish this SIP (Systematic Investment Plan), you have to make small investments at planned intervals for longer periods. It yields much better returns over an extended period.

What is SIP Calculator?

Using the SIP calculator you can calculate the wealth gain and the expected returns for your monthly SIP investment. You get a rough estimate on the maturity amount for any monthly SIP, based on a projected annual return rate.

Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) has some similarities like a mutual fund. The market experts mostly operate the money handling. However, SIP is a well disciplined and planned approach to investing creates a right amount of wealth using the power of compounding. So your calculator should also provide complete details of investment applying to compounding. All you need to check is with your amount of monthly weekly or yearly investment, the tenure of years and rate of returns expected at your maturity time.

You have to calculate your return post inflation, in turn, gives you a better picture of your maturity considering the inflation into account. Also, this calculator lets you achieve a certain target assumed amount rate of return, within the tenure period.

Bottom line:

Often an investor has to check the market daily, has to read study lot of information on market and MF but with SIP all these are done by money market experts’ right from how to market, analysis to switching of funds. Be consistent and never skip your monthly payment. SIP investments keep you away from tension stemming highs and lows of the market.  Recall the story of the hare-tortoise, and same is true with the SIP; the secret is not how fast you are rather how long you run. Similarly, to gain more from compounding effect stay longer and enjoy bigger returns starting early. Remember your money will grow, until then patience is the key.